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Holiday Stress and/or Binge Eating, Got You Down?

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Sweet treats and big holiday meals enjoyed with family can place quite a burden on the digestive tract and metabolism. Not to mention how much stress the holidays can take a toll on your health - mental and physical. XYMOGEN has put together a bundle of formulas that can support your digestion and metabolism after all the food, fun, and stress that might accompany the holiday season: 


KetonX - Provides exogenous ketones to support energy, performance, and focus. KetonX can be used with your usual diet, especially in conjunction with intermittent fasting or in addition to a ketogenic diet.
ProbioMax Lean DF - Gives the microbiome a specific probiotic strain that supports healthy weight management and promotes gut barrier function.
OptiFiber Lean - Supports satiety and weight control as well as glucose and cholesterol metabolism, while feeding a healthy microbiome.

STRESS MANAGEMENT can have a tremendous impact on our health. Cortisol levels can fluctuate due to injury, illness, emotional stress, or any other situation the body perceives as threatening. While it is important to address the underlying causes of fluctuating cortisol levels, the following strategies may help us manage our stress regardless of the initial cause:


  • Optimal sleep can help our body process and recover from our daily stressors. If you struggle to fall or stay asleep or awaken feeling unrefreshed, you may benefit from the following:
  • Establish a routine in which you wake up and fall asleep at consistent times every day and provide your body with cues, such as avoiding screens, taking a warm shower, or reading a book, that it is time for sleep.
  • Keep your sleeping area cool, dark, comfortable, and quiet.
  • Eat a light, protein-rich snack before bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or emotionally strenuous activities near bedtime.
  • Exercise daily for 10-45 minutes. Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or biking, is ideal.

Support sleep quality with the following formulas individually or in some combination:

OptiMag® Neuro - Boosts the brain’s magnesium level for healthy cognition:long- and short-term memory/learning, migraines, stress management, and sleep.
CBD Sleep Spray - Promotes more restful sleep and treats insomnia. Can help with pain and restlessness for better sleep as well. 4.8mg per 4 sprays.
Cortisolv® - Supports healthy cortisol levels, helps alleviate occasional fatigue, promotes mental clarity, and supports relaxation and restful sleep.
GABA/L-Theanine - Great stress reliever. GABA is helpful for relieving anxiety, elevating mood, and improving your overall feeling of well-being.
L-Theanine possesses relaxing effects and has been shown to improve cognitive functioning. The combo helps you stay calm and relaxed during the day and to sleep better at night.
RelaxMax™ - Aims to promote a calm, relaxed, well-balanced emotional and physiological state.
SynovX® Calm - Used to calm nerves and muscles and address occasional sleeplessness plus minerals to support healthy muscular contraction and relaxation.

Daily stressors are inevitable. Having tools on hand to manage these stressors can mitigate some of the negative effects they may have on your well-being.
Consider the following tools:

  • Use box breathing (inhale, hold, exhale, hold – each for a count of four) for 1-2 minutes anytime you are faced with a stressor.
  • Make time for hobbies and things you enjoy. Smile and laugh as often as possible.
  • Avoid sugars and processed foods while focusing on consuming nutritious whole foods.
  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Avoid using alcohol or recreational drugs as coping mechanisms.

Support a healthy response to stressors with the following formulas in some combination:

OptiMag® Neuro - See above.
CBD Total Body Spray - CBD can have a positive impact on people suffering from generalized anxiety disorders and PTSD, to social anxiety and OCD. Reduces overall stress. 4.8mg per 4 sprays
Adrenal Essence® - Aids in adrenal hormone production and supports the body’s adaptogenic response. Designed to support healthy energy levels, antioxidant activity, and healthy immune function.
Corticare B™ - Supports the body’s efforts in adrenal hormone production and energy generation. Provides enhanced Support for Coenzyme A Production.
Bio C 1:1™ - Combines high-potency vitamin C with a standardized, full-spectrum, citrus bioflavonoid complex. Both vitamin C and bioflavonoids have been extensively researched for their roles in supporting antioxidant and immune function.