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Anti Viral Protocol from Adaptogen Research

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Dear Customers and Colleagues,

As we review published epidemiological data and various media reports, we share the broad concerns regarding the potential negative impacts of the developing COVID-19 pandemic and are taking measures to mitigate these for our practitioner customers, their patients, and our Adaptogen Research colleagues. This update summarizes these efforts to keep you informed. 

For our customers, we are implementing several immediate action plans to respond to the significant increase in orders for our products that support immune function. For these, we are increasing our production capacity and accelerating the inventory replenishment cycle for all products in this category. We will do our best to meet the sudden demand increase but have to acknowledge that some of our products and procurement of the ingredients used to manufacture them have fairly long lead times. It is impossible to precisely predict the extent and timing of the demand increase. Our manufacturing and distribution teams will work overtime and tirelessly to fill orders for these products to the best extent possible.

To help our practitioners we have developed a new Acute Viral Protocol which outlines preventative measures, technical background, and specific product recommendations for immunity support. 

Adaptogen Research Chelated Minerals

Bisglycinate Chelates Extensive clinical research and laboratory studies have shown that the amino acid glycine is the ideal size and type of ligand.[1] Glycine is an amino acid the human body produces naturally as a building block for larger protein chains. A 2:1 ratio of glycine-to-mineral is the most nutritionally beneficial mineral chelate form, known as a mineral [...]

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Pea Protein from North American grown yellow peas

      Pea Protein by Adaptogen Research is Natural Pure Pea Protein Isolate.                                              Pea Protein is a natural pea protein isolate that’s delicious and very easy to digest. Made from North American grown yellow [...]

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Holiday Stress and/or Binge Eating, Got You Down?

Sweet treats and big holiday meals enjoyed with family can place quite a burden on the digestive tract and metabolism. Not to mention how much stress the holidays can take a toll on your health - mental and physical. XYMOGEN has put together a bundle of formulas that can support your digestion and metabolism after [...]

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XYMOGEN'S Cold & Flu Protocols!

XYMOGEN'S Cold & Flu Protocols! It’s that time of the year – Cold & Flu season is officially upon us! Getting sick can be debilitating and most of us prefer not to fill our sensitive bodies with OTC medications and harsh antibiotics. According to the CDC, 2-3 times each year millions of people are faced [...]

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XYMOGEN Introduces: ProbioMax Complete

As Many of you know XYMOGEN is widely known for there world renowned line of exclusive probiotics with 4 of them making up XYMOGEN's top 10 sellers in 2018. What we were missing based upon current science is the idea of bacterial diversity and really a probiotic that can mimic a very bacterial diverse diet. [...]

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Natural Support for the Immune System

By Cristiana Paul, MSResearch suggests that certain herbs, mushroom extracts and other natural compounds have potential antiviral and antibacterial ability as well as the ability to stimulate natural killer (NK) cell activity, cytokine synthesis and the T-cell and B-cell mediated responses. The research presented here on compounds found in nature show significant improvement in an array of conditions [...]

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Lipoic Acid Chemical Forms: the R and S Isomers Alpha-Lipoic Acid (or thioctic acid) is synthesized from the amino acid cysteine and octanoic acid in plants and animals as both the R and S isomers, with a great majority as R-lipoic acid and only trace amounts of S-lipoic acid. When alpha-lipoic acid is synthesized in a laboratory, a 50/50 racemic [...]

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Healthy weight with LIPID EASE

Lipid Ease is proprietary prebiotic sequesters dietary fat to support a healthy weight and lipid profile*Lipid Ease contains the soluble fiber alpha-cyclodextrin, a prebiotic patented as FBCx®. Research demonstrates that FBCx sequesters dietary fat, including cholesterol and triglycerides, into a conical structure which provides protection from digestive enzymes. Binding at approximately a 1:9 ratio, FBCx is nine [...]

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Benefits of L- Glutamine

L- Glutamine is SUPER NUTRIENT for Digestive Health and Immune SupportL-Glutamine is an amino acid with a vast array of functions and health benefits, which are derived from its ability to feed various cells in the body. Glutamine is essential to the health of the immune system and the digestive tract. In the gut it promotes [...]

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