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Omnivits Bergamot Plus for Cardiovascular and Blood Sugar Support.

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Bergamot Plus features a highly concentrated source of polyphenolic antioxidants derived from bergamot (BPF) (Citrus bergamia), a flavonoid-rich fruit originating from the Calabria region in southern Italy and traditionally used to support cardiovascular wellness.

The use of Bergamot for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis-
Recent evidence shows that bergamot polyphenolic fraction (BPF) in patients with Metabolic Syndrome and NASH induces a significant reduction.

•Reduced SteatoTest
•Reduced hepatorenal index
•Reduced C-reactive protein (Hs-CRP)
•Reduced ALT and AST serum aminotransferases
•Reduced gamma-GT enzyme
•Reduced TNF-α inflammation marker

Research has suggested that Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction Gold (BPFG®) is utilized hepatically to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range and to support healthy blood glucose metabolism.

Clinical Applications

» Elevated Lipids
» Triglycerides Lowering
» A favorable shift in LDL and HDL particle size
» Reduced steato test, liver enzymes and overall liver support
» Reduced Hs-CRP
» BPF enhanced Crestor Induced Effects

Something magical happens to 47% Bergamot when you combine it with CAPROS a patented extract of AMLA Fruit. ALMA from gooseberry extract is one of the hottest researched extracts right now in Functional Medicine and below you can see why.

Combines the antioxidant activity of bergamot (Citrus bergamia) with the superfruit of amla!

More info on Phyllanthus emblica Goose Berry Extract:

Human clinical studies show that Capros improves endothelial function, lipid profile, and blood flow and increases production of nitric oxide. It has significant effects in modulating markers of metabolic health and mitigated the effects of stress-induced cardiovascular changes in healthy volunteers. ~VEGAN, certified organic~

Clinical Applications
» Elevated Lipids
» Triglycerides Lowering
» Improved Endothelial Function
» Blood Pressure
» Significant Improvements in Glutathione and Nitric Oxide production
» A favorable shift in LDL and HDL particle size
» Improved Blood Flow by inhibiting platelet aggregation
» Reduced Hs-CRP
» Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance

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