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Anti Viral Protocol from Adaptogen Research

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Dear Customers and Colleagues,

As we review published epidemiological data and various media reports, we share the broad concerns regarding the potential negative impacts of the developing COVID-19 pandemic and are taking measures to mitigate these for our practitioner customers, their patients, and our Adaptogen Research colleagues. This update summarizes these efforts to keep you informed. 

For our customers, we are implementing several immediate action plans to respond to the significant increase in orders for our products that support immune function. For these, we are increasing our production capacity and accelerating the inventory replenishment cycle for all products in this category. We will do our best to meet the sudden demand increase but have to acknowledge that some of our products and procurement of the ingredients used to manufacture them have fairly long lead times. It is impossible to precisely predict the extent and timing of the demand increase. Our manufacturing and distribution teams will work overtime and tirelessly to fill orders for these products to the best extent possible.

To help our practitioners we have developed a new Acute Viral Protocol which outlines preventative measures, technical background, and specific product recommendations for immunity support.